This Weeks’ Panel at UC Irvine with Janice Griffith

13076603_565362540300460_7613447069439609450_n-2On Tuesday April 26th, I was invited by UC Irvine’s NOW UCI student ran program to speak about the stigmatization and dehumanizations of people who work in the sex industry with Janice Griffith.

It’s always so nice to be in touch with my community and be able to an example that anything can be accomplished disregarding race, gender, sexuality, or age. College students are the future leaders and it’s very essential that they have an ample amount of knowledge for their journey to finding themselves to become future role models – whether it be sex, sex positivity, taboos, stigmas, and the knowledge that it entails. Hopefully change can happen for more uniformed sex and gender education.

Next week, I’ll be a guest on the Sex with Emily podcast – stay tuned for when the live recording will be up on

xoxo Venus


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