Venus Rising: Play Together, Stay Together

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
It’s that time of year when couples are uncoupling, you know, right in time for the holidays. This year I notice my circle of friends experiencing break ups more so because of a case of “the hum drums” than over a frenzy of drama. My relationships usually come to an end when the bedroom gets lackluster. So, when a fan sent me the correspondence below;
” I have a happily fufilled sex life with my dominatrix wife. She dresses me as a woman and i love it. We watch porn together. When you are a fetish couple one needs to constantly develop and evolve one’s sexuality. Porn is the best avenue and the quickest. With the explosion of the internet in the last 5 years, porn has become mainstream. The marriage without porn is a doomed marriage. “
I started to think is  traditional sex dead in today’s world of fast food style sexual thrills racing across our screens? Is it impossible to be vanilla and truly sustain a monogamous relationship? Is the couple that plays together the only one that stays together?
Well, I know firsthand, couples who fetish play together are definitely a rising trend. I also believe it is a completely healthy way to keep your mind and body stimulated with your partner. It can open your eyes to new, exciting ways to tease and please each other into a stronger relationship. With the content, information and media only a click away on the web it becomes a form of “do it yourself” sex therapy. It allows you to explore all your boundaries behind closed doors and find out what each other likes or does not without going to a sex club or asking a bunch of awkward questions to strangers. It takes the discomfort out of exploration and creates a level of intimacy that continues if the situation becomes open or public.
So I say let your freak flag fly and explore your secret fantasies as a couple before unleashing yourself on the world. You can definitely count me amongst the advocates for fetish play. Whether it be BDSM, cream pies, shoes or latex…..if it feels good you should definitely do it together. Often.

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