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Venus LuxHello Lovers!
Quite often in this column it may feel like we are overlooking our Female to Male transitioning brothers in arms and I just wanted to make it known that this is not the case at all. This column is about my views and experiences and may seem to lean Male to Female transsexual in content, so I wanted to take the time to discuss and give props to “my boys”.

Being nominated for and winning multiple awards this year has not just been a validating experience for me, it’s also been educational. I’ve met so many people from varied genres it has opened my eyes to the frontiers still left to be explored in the Adult Industry. As we MTF Transsexuals have gained visibility and acceptance from the Industry as a whole, a new group of performers craves their full voice to be heard. I’m happy to report there are so many talented  FTM’s out there and I can only say their time has come.

I will be featuring interviews with FTM Adult Performers in this column next week and asking some burning questions I want answers to. I’m asking all you readers to write in with your questions for our FTM friends as well. I am so excited to work and chat with these amazing performers and gain insight into myself through their experience as well.

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