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Venus LuxHello Lovers!
Spring has definitely sprung and everyone appears to be in high gear, working and building something new. I am definitely in demand more than I’ve ever been in my career. It’s running me ragged but it’s an amazing feeling. Recently a fan questioned me as to whether I thought there was a legitimate rise in demand for transsexual performers in adult film and we’re a permanent fixture or if we are just the flavor of the month.

In the Adult Industry, heterosexual-themed films of all kinds are the most prevalent and readily available to the public. We’ve been here for decades, but over the last few years transsexual performers seem to be rising up in the peripheral of mainstream porn viewers and consumers. Not only is the material more accessible, the TS performers are more widely recognized, interviewed and photographed. New award categories, expos and events have been created with us in mind. We are truly embraced by our peers and fans. This acceptance offers new visibility and creates a wider market full of choices to spice up your life.

In my opinion transsexual pornography has been the fuel for a man’s curiosity about transsexuals. Based on the men that I’ve met throughout my career; fans, hook ups, friends, and dates, it takes only one transsexual experience whether sexual or platonic to spark a man’s curiosity. Of course the initial moment of interest starts with attraction. He may explore his fascination with transsexuals immediately or later in life depending on what obstacles he may overcome. Seldomly do I hear men whose new found interest in transsexuals are expressly derivative from pornography but  I do  feel it’s a gateway to them gaining insight and understanding as to who and what we really are.

Porn serves its purpose broadening the sexual horizon for both men and women all over. If nothing else, through the medium we’ve learned  there are so many varied ways to have sex and explore our boundaries. There is no black and white and nothing is off the table. That spirit has given transsexuals an outlet and the spotlight in Adult Film we enjoy today. Are TS performers going to take over as the Industry as the norm tomorrow? Not likely. But are we here to stay as an indelible part of the Industry and culture? Without a doubt.


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