VENUS RISING: Healthy Addiction?

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
I’m not quite sure why, maybe it’s the recent full moon, the tides,or  pheromones, but lately I just can’t get enough. My sex drive has accelerated from being satisfied with cumming once per day to craving it multiple times daily. Whether I’m getting sex or beating off to porn, I can’t quench my lusty thirst.

Now, you know me, of course I’m not going to settle for mediocre sex partners or  average porn. I’m always choosing the best quality selection that will satisfy me most. But when does one say ‘when’? Is there a breaching point or a point of sustainability? Everyone is different and has their own outlook, but is there a definitive line between what is healthy consumption of porn and what isn’t? When it comes to porn addiction, what awakens one’s pleasure center? Is it the hype of the search and settling on the most intensely hot porn in the moment or cumming to various hot scenes, people, fetishes, or , indeed, all of the above?

I’m still testing the waters and learning more about myself and the act of masturbating to porn. Mostly porn becomes a substitute for what I can’t have at that given moment. ‘The hunt’ for the perfectly packaged sex partner can be tough. Trust me, I know from experience. It can be difficult when you are craving a tall, athletic, hairy, hung, versatile man who can travel to you at the time that you are free. Sometimes I wish I could just purchase a cyber-sex mannequin that had a programmable appearance. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!? On the off chance that you do find the right person, you can fuck each other’s brains out all night but is the same experience guaranteed every time or will it get even better? If you can’t get replicate the sensation all the time, do you continue ‘the hunt’ for the same or superior encounter ?

‘Real life’ sex grows complicated with emotional attachment, conflict, relationship  issues, and many other variables, unlike porn, which is a detachable event. I feel that is why people become addicted to it, why I have admittedly grown addicted to it. It appears porn is filling the intimacy gap until we find that missing piece to our romantic, sexual puzzle. It’s our trusty geyser to insure our thirst is satiated when random just won’t do. I would love to hear my readers thoughts, on this topic that even I, an industry performer, struggle at times to understand the root of.




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