Venus Rising: Girls vs. Boys

Venus LuxHello, Lovers!
My recent columns on my quest for a mate have prompted many comments, offers and suggestions. As you all know by now, I date and have sex with men but a few of you probably know that I have sex with women as well. My fan base is always growing but since I’ve starting shooting with women my female fan base has increased dramatically. Their desires and interests range from female on transsexual pornography to just simple transsexual attraction. Flattered as I am, I have sex with women but nothing beyond that. I just don’t date them. Some people say dating a female would be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • a woman would suit your lifestyle better
  • a woman would allow you to have children of your own
  • a woman would be more nurturing and caring than a man
  • a woman would be more sensitive and understanding than a man

Now, although these are all very good reasons, something about femininity just hasn’t interested me yet. There’s also my confusion as to where I stand in a female & transsexual relationship, dating and sexually. Something in my brain makes me think that being with a female would make me less of a woman and that it’s expected of me to be in the power position at all times. Oddly enough, I have no problems with the idea of dating a transgender man. Obviously, I have no problems performing sexually with a woman so maybe it’s a masculinity issue.

In the end, it all comes down to that attraction, that spark, that unquantifiable thing that makes your head turn and so far a woman has yet to do that for me. So I journey on in my quest for Mr. Right, not ruling anything out, never saying never, open to love and breaking the boundaries.


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