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Previously in my column I have talked of my love and respect for my FTM brothers in arms. I wanted to know a little more about these Adult performers and get a fresh take on what their experiences have been blazing their own TS trail in the Industry. Recently, I sat down with my pal, the gorgeous FTM star James Darling, to get a firsthand report for my loyal readers. Enjoy!


How did you first become involved in the Adult Industry?
I first got involved with porn in 2009 when I did a scene with a friend for the all genders queer porn I loved doing it so much I immediately applied to every company in the bay area that would shoot a FTM guy. I was fortunate enough to get a few more gigs and built a following, hustled hard and things took off from there!

What was your first shoot like?
My first shoot was with another FTM performer. He tied me to a bed post and things got pretty kinky with some knife play, boot worship and strap on cock sucking! I came super hard when he was blowing me while fucking my pussy with his hand. It was pretty hot!


What are some misconceptions about FTM porn?

I think a lot of people don’t know what FTM means or even know that FTM porn exists! I think some people assume that trans men are not very sexual because we don’t have the same kind of cocks as men who are not trans. In reality most trans men I know have very voracious sexualities and sex drives. Some people also assume that all trans men are bottoms, when some of the best tops I’ve ever met are FTM guys. We’re just as diverse as any other type of man.

How do you feel about doing films with MTF actors?
I often find that I relate to trans women because we often have similar shared histories of struggling with identity, societal pressures and having to navigate transition and are able to relate to each other in ways that non trans people cannot. I love trans women because I love all kinds of women, and am mostly attracted to femininity in my personal life. What package you come in is less important to me than our connection. 

Who are your favorite performers to work with?
It’s really hard to choose, every performer I’ve worked with has been sweet, professional and really special! One of my favorite scenes I’ve ever done was with Wolf Hudson for, I think that scene really changed a lot of things for FTM porn and became accessible to a lot of people who had never seen a trans guy in porn before and, of course, working with him was really hot. I also really enjoyed my scenes with Arabelle Raphael because she is an incredible performer and really amazing person with a very filthy and creative mind.

What genre of porn do you prefer performing in?
I like a lot of things, but transsexual porn is my favorite.


Who is your dream partner to work with and why?
You, of course! I find your grace and poise stunning and I think you are a very talented performer. I would love a chance to work with you sometime!

In your opinion, what is the future of FTMs in TS films and the Industry as a whole?
In general I’ve been noticing that the adult industry seems to be ready for new avenues and ways of doing porn. FTM porn is a newer genre and it’s developing at a rapid rate as more and more people learn about it. I would love to see trans men become recognized for their efforts and talents like other adult performers. I think trans men have a lot of great things to bring to the table and I think the time is right for the genre to grow and for trans men to be embraced by the adult industry.

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