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Venus LuxHello Lovers,
Recently I’ve been testing the waters of online dating. I admit this is not virgin territory for me. I have been off and on dating sites for the past 2 years. I have met a few people, had some fun dates and many total blunders. Right about now you are wondering why a porn star like me is even on a dating site in the first place.  Well, to be honest, it simply hasn’t been easy for me to find a compatible guy. Surprisingly,  it does not have much to do with my career but more so with finding that perfect blend of maturity,  intellect, life goals, personality, common hobbies, and of course, sex in one hot package. Maybe I’m reaching for the stars, but aren’t we all entitled to our standards?

This is how I see it: I’m young, driven, personable, and successful enough to be taken seriously. Being in the position that I am and having the responsibilities that I have, doesn’t leave time for ‘boys’, drama, and games. I have to be quick to size a potential suitor up in our initial conversation. I’m not saying this to be a diva but it’s difficult trying to make time to meet up. When I spend time with someone I want to make it count. So I’d rather knock out the important questions before the first date and not waste precious time. Besides, with my being in porn, there is not much about me that you can’t Google. I’m usually upfront about the skeletons in my closet and baggage that I’m carrying, so I expect any potential suitors to do the same. Finding a good man is tough! I know a lot of men like to say say all women are crazy, but you guys aren’t so far off the mark sometimes.

But I’m putting myself out there and I’m trying. In the end that’s what it’s all about; finding that spark, making that connection. So I’ll keep searching and share some tales along the way. Follow my journey, ask me questions, and share your stories of transsexual dating with me, too. I’m sure there are a few tricks and tips I can learn from you guys. Oh, and if you have a hot brother….you know where to send him.



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