Venus Rising: Eat, Pray, Love. Man, Woman, TS Woman?

Venus LuxHello, Lovers!
Lately, it seems as if the world is changing in massive ways on a daily basis. People are expanding their minds and challenging their boundaries constantly. Each passing second, another person opens their perspective to something new and unexpected. Through our desire to communicate our mistakes, emotions, and our human nature to generate thoughts and ideals, we are in the midst of a revolution of evolution.

There has been an abrupt tidal wave of individuals, men and women alike, seeking the comfort of a transsexual woman or man. May it be sexual, emotional, spiritual, or  just for mutual companionship. The Media has recently amplified the attention given to transgenderism and stimulated curiosity in mainstream society. I myself have experienced this phenomenon first hand on more than one occasion. Personally, I believe now is the time that transgenderism is moving one step closer to “normalization”.
Recently I encountered an older gentleman who sparked my psyche. He made me question the possibility of cohabitation and cohesion of lifestyle between a man, woman, and a transgender woman. Personally, I would have nether fathomed the thought. However, since then I have contemplated the matter further. This man has been a supporter and advocate for transgenderism most of his life. His idea has left an imprint on me, not just because it’s so unique, but also because this idea comes from a person of success, power, authority, and public presence.  He explained it like this : “All three genders would be able to find companionship with one another without jealousy because there are three genders. The male and female may have a child together and the transgender woman and female would raise them together. With all three genders there are no problems with sexual intimacy if all the individuals are open.”
That led me to question myself. Is this possible? Would this be ideal for me? It definitely has placed a seed of thought in my mind because I am open sexually with women and men but I cannot have children like a genetic woman can. Personally, men have been a default when it comes to dating, sex, and companionship. Rarely do I stray from the default. I am too particular with women and have yet to find one with whom I can connect personally and intimately. I like men who are virile, fit, endowed, but yet sensitive, confident, and versatile but not a gentile. For women, I seek someone who is naturally beautiful, intellectual, not as emotional, and is well balanced blend of masculine and feminine. I guess I would say a tomboy who can be pretty and dress up. If I were to have these two types of people of those genders, my god, this would be a heaven of a lifestyle! Food for thought.
Tell me your thoughts guys, what do you think of a man, woman, and transgender woman living together and having a relationship equally together? Possible? What would be some pros and cons in your opinion? What is your experience? Has the thought ever crossed your mind?

What do you think?

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