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Venus LuxHello Lovers!
It’s Pride in L.A. and the GLBT community is at the forefront of my thoughts this week. That, coupled with my general preoccupation with sex, got me thinking about orientation and gender and how the lines for terms that used to put all of us into our tiny little boxes have most assuredly blurred. As much as change and visibility is a good thing for those of us that have transitioned, I’m starting to think we may need some better definition.

Many of you may already know how I feel about transsexuals being included with the GLBT community as a whole. It implies that being transgender is an orientation when it is actually a  gender. I don’t know how we got lumped in to that equation, but more than likely it’s because we didn’t fit neatly in with society’s definition of gender at the time. I love my GLBT brothers and sisters, don’t get me wrong, but when you think about it, it truly is apples and oranges.

That got me thinking, with Facebook feeling the need to incorporate 51 gender options to identify by, are we also in need of a new word for those who are only attracted to transsexual people? Are we finally ready for another sexual orientation to be added to the books? Certainly, adult films, the media, and mainstream entertainment all reflect the physical fascination with us and it seem the public at large is finally ready to embrace the transgender populace. Certainly we are sexual beings and others are attracted to us but I have yet to hear a word bandied about to do define that.

I personally think it would be awesome if there was a word created for those drawn solely to transgenders and it’s inception can’t happen fast enough for me. Obviously, I think, actually, I know, that transgender people are a third gender and that attraction isn’t neatly defined by the terms straight, bisexual, or gay.  Is “TS friendly” too vague and snarky? Perhaps “transic”? I’m certainly pondering it.  So lovers,give me your input: what is the perfect term we should use describe those who are sexually attracted to transsexuals?


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