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We discuss so many varied things in this forum ranging from social change, love, global views and, of course, sex. This week, I wanted to discuss a topic that affects not only me, but all my colleagues across the board : AB 1567, California’s condoms in porn bill.
Along with most performers who have protested against the bill, I too object to the removal of my right to not wear condoms on a porn set. It’s already challenging to have “porn style” sex. Performing can be uncomfortable with the distorted angles and positions we have to twist ourselves into to capture the proper camera angles. Imposing the mandatory use of condoms just adds another challenging layer of discomfort.
I’ve heard what most mainstream porn girls have to say about the bill, but I feel that it affects I and my fellow TS performers far more greatly. Because we are born genetically male, most of our work requires us to be penetrated anally while also penetrating others. Transsexuals are often left desensitized from hormones, and of course, condoms add to the challenge of being able to perform on the spot. The fact that we have no other option but anal penetration also causes us to endure further discomfort with condoms leading to a chain reaction of bad performance that, in my view, can lead an amazing performer straight to the unemployment line.
From a business standpoint, because TS performers are going to be so heavily affected by the condom law and it’s physical limits and implications, studios will be left with poor quality content, leading to a drop in sales, not to mention the cost of added production time wasted to shoot  content with these new hurdles. The issue of wearing or not wearing condoms transcends physical comfort and infringes upon our first amendment rights and the pursuit of our careers and our lifestyles. It’s already a general challenge that transgender males and females do not have specific rights and resources and are treated on a completely different tier, why bash one of our main sources of livelihood?
No topic is off limits here as you can see, and I want this week’s column to serve as an introduction to a conversation on this topic. I know how we feel as performers, but how do you feel as consumers? Does a condom affect your ability to fully fantasize and enjoy the experience or does it not make any difference at all? Would it affect your viewing habits and choices? I truly want to know what my fans think about this controversial issue so please share your thoughts with me.

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