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*Disclaimer: This is not a rant or point of aggression. The message is about equality, inclusion, and mutual respect in response to the XRCO Award Show press release.*

Embodying unity in this forever growing community is what progresses us as a whole. Our role within this industry as performers is to provide entertainment, positivity, and education to break typecasts and stigmas in which we require effort from all facets of adult entertainment industry.

XRCO is one of the oldest award ceremonies–going on 32 years–in the adult industry yet it is one of the last award ceremonies to give recognition to transgender, gay, and BBW performers. These are just some examples of growing genres that could use more visibility and support.

Where is the quality? The inclusion? Award ceremonies are supposed to be a celebration, but when a community neglects to be progressive and acknowledge talent that amasses at least 1/4th of the adult industry revenue, it’s unethical.

To include these genres would mean:

1. More sponsorships
2. More attendees
3. More of an online following
4.  Boosting creditability as the oldest adult award ceremony

I created this petition because there is a lack of advocacy and visibility for genres that aren’t included in the XRCO Award Show. I am calling upon fellow performers, producers, directors, and fans to help create evolution.

You can support the movement and sign the petition here:

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