Award Winning Superstar VENUS LUX Teaches Fanny Hunter In Their First TS Interview

Venus Lux | Fanny HunterFanny Hunter is no stranger to sexy interviews from the indsutry’s hottest acts, but when they interviewed seductive TS superstar Venus Lux, they were blown away. In the exclusive interview as part of the Naked Naked interview series, Venus opened up to share some personal secrets, preferences, and dreams.

“The last furry thing I touched was my friend’s hairy chest. Body hair, including thick curly chest hair, is one of my biggest fetishes,” Venus said one moment before explaining why she’s afraid of the dark the next.”Being raised by a fortunetelling mother, I was told stories of spirits and demons that hide in the dark, which linger with me to this day.”

Learn all the intimiate, and naughty, details behind the award winning actress – from her favorite positions, to personal sex stories, and all her exotic dreams. Get ready to meet Venus Lux as you’ve enver seen her before.

Read Venus‘ full interview on Fanny Hunter by clicking here:

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