Venus Lux Nails Sexy Casey Masters

Boy, these hot babes have NO time to waste. When we catch them they are already screwing away in bed. Casey’s tattooed legs are spread wide, showing off her patent pumps. Venus is no slouch in the shoe department either, rocking the Louboutin spikes as she pumps her big hard trans dick into her galpal.

And then another switcheroo. Now it’s Casey lying on her back as your golden goddess Venus grinds her ass down on Casey’ thick meat. She turns over onto her hands and knees while Casey grabs her waist and plows in deep and straight. Casey’s long ivory fingernails stand out beautifully against the golden tan of Venus’ heavenly torso.

The slap of firm girlish flesh against hard cock echoes through the room as Casey asks “Do you like that big fuckin’ dick?” and Venus groans out “Oh, my God!” Casey finally can’t hold back and has to pull out, empty her balls onto Venus’ shapely butt. After a kiss, Venus kneels behind Casey and nails her ass fiercely, only pulling out as her load starts to spray over her sexy babe’s tight buns. “Mmm, that’s a lotta cum!” Casey cries out as Venus licks it up off her twitching ass.

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Written by venuslux


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