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Venus Conducts a Hot Male Pornstar Audition

D. Arclyte has driven “all the way down here” to audition for Venus in Hollywood. She’s ready to evaluate his skills as a performer in adult entertainment. Businesslike Venus spells out the standards and requirements she requires, down to the number of inches. They retire to the bedroom set to continue with his onset performance test. D. strips down to show Venus what he’s working with. Shirt off, he drops his pants and Venus uses a long slender hand to work his cock up to its full dimension. She slurps down his erection as he promises that this audition is one that will make the grade.

Things are getting HOT in here, so Venus doffs her business attire and lies naked on the bed face up. D. plows into her luscious mouth and Venus begins stroking her hard trans dick. He changes position so he can 69 cocks with the golden goddess. He gets a little aggressive but Venus is up for the challenge. Ass up and on all fours, she takes his cock to the hilt and moans with pleasure as he spanks her ass with a sharp little SWAT!

The force of his plowing into her sweet ass has Venus grabbing the headboard to brace herself. She groans and never stops stroking, backing into the pounding of his dick. She lies back and he grabs her by the neck as he pummels her tight little ass. Flipping over, she lets him rest on his back while she rides and grinds into his supercharged cock. He thrusts up into her butt, licks his hand to jerk off her long hard trans dick. Things can’t keep up this pace for long. (Visit to view the sizzling scene in its entirety.)

Venus takes D.Arclyte for a test ride in his Pornstar Audition

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