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I often get correspondence from fans inquiring what my sex life is off camera. Just in case everyone hasn’t heard by now, porn sex is very different from real life sex. Aside from the fact that it is my profession and I’ve seen and done just about everything under the sun, my private sex life isn’t really much different than, well, yours.
In my personal life, I’m versatile. I am open to many fetishes, amongst them femdom, threesomes and role-play. I only interact with individuals who I find attractive and have instant chemistry with. Of course they need the “proper tools” for an engaging sexual experience, and by “proper tools” I mean cock endowment, fitness, hygiene, versatility, and a high sex drive. Not to be condescending or arrogant, but let’s face it , I’m a porn star. I can’t tolerate boring sex. Obviously, most of my sex on camera is scripted and acted out to a degree, so I do not find much intimacy on set. So when it comes to my personal sex life, I’m seeking a passionate, aggressive, and intimate sexual experience straight out of the movies. I am still a single woman, dating here and there, but with no single suitor. You see, there are “pros and cons” to being a sex icon, and difficulty finding true love is definitely one of the “cons”. I have yet to find my soulmate, but that doesn’t mean I cant find an amazing person for an intense experience.
If I was in love, here’s how I imagine an encounter with my partner would be:
He walks through the door, worn from a hard day’s work. Dropping his briefcase and keys on the table, slowly beginning to unravel his tie and unbutton his shirt as he scuffles into the bedroom. There, I lay in bed with candles around the room, smelling of honeysuckle in a silk negligee that reaches my thighs. He looks at me and I look at him as I whisper to him to come to bed with me. As he settles, laying on his back and still unbuttoning, I straddle his thighs and begin to slowly grind my groin to his. Once i feel his hard cock throbbing and pulsating dying to be released from his undergarments, I tug his pants and underwear down so we can stroke our cocks together. Pre cum drips from our heads. I lean down and suck it up as my throat reaches his shaft, his cock engulfs my mouth. I wrest my lips from his cock moving to his lips and we kiss passionately as I reach behind me to stroke his meat stick. I begin to slowly pull his cock and rub his head on my wet gapping hole, hungry and eager. He lies satisfied and eager to penetrate my tight, wet gapping hole with eyes of desire and lust. I look into his eyes as I slowly mount his throbbing, thick cock. He grabs and kisses me as I ride up and down his huge, erect dick. I stroke my cock slapping it occasionally on his abs. We are both sweating and panting from the intensity and passion. Suddenly he lets out a loud moan and a grunt, he ejaculates a river of semen deep within me. I feel the warmth of it inside as it slowly dribbles out of me onto his shaft while i still continue to ride up and down on his cock. Just as his moans and grunts fade, my cock gushes a stream of semen all over his face, chest, and stomach. He throws his head back in contentment, tingled from the after sensations of orgasm. I dismount to rest my head next to his and we kiss softly as the night fades away.
Something like that.
The roles can definitely be reversed, except for me being in a suit and tie with a briefcase, of course. As you can tell I am a woman of romance, but this is just one of many views of love and sex that I have. The kissing, holding hands, and cuddling definitely come after the sex and in public if the connection is right. If I can find a strong intimate sexual connection with someone, I know the bond can grow stronger outside of the bedroom. For me, sex is the foundation of my relationships. I believe that amazing sex is one of the everlasting flames that serves as a pillar for a healthy and long lasting relationship, in tandem with lifestyle compatibility, intellect, goals and character immersion. I’m always hunting for that “spark” that will set me aflame. The hopeless romantic in me is waiting for that day to come.

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