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Hello Lovers,
If you’ve been following along, you are aware that recently I’ve developed an even deeper affection for porn than ever before. So, I’ve literally been logging a lot of man hours checking out the talent, no pun intended, in both the arenas of professional and amatuer porn. There are positive and negatives to both, but who wins the overall Venus Lux taste test? Now, yes, of course we are all aware that I am a paid professional performer but read on, you may be surprised at my view.

Because I’ve been in porn for so long and have a true understanding of how porn is created, I, as well as many in front of and behind the camera, favor amateur pornography. The aesthetics of amatuer pornography may not be as dazzling and glamorous or have actors as attractive as those in larger budget films but something about the authenticity of the chemistry and the simplicity of plot makes the porn more relatable to the viewer. Admittedly, you may still need to fast forward here and there to get to the ‘good parts’ but nevertheless you are still watching performers who are showing passionate sex, and delivering less robotic phrases like the ever popular “oh yea fuck me” or “oh that feels good”. I’m not even going to delve into the sea of tacky story lines that ‘professionals’ in our industry put their stamp on.
Overall, the hunt for the best quality amateur porn can be a time consuming activity that quickly becomes an addiction, but is oh so exciting when you find a diamond in a pile of coal. Is the worth it in the end? Yes and no. Yes because anticipation of the thrill makes the experience of watching more pleasurable, sort of like that winning pull on a slot machine in Vegas after hours of effort. No because you end up edging yourself to hold back in order to masterbate to the “best” scene leading to a cause and effect situation that may cause issues in real life sex.
So, I must say, that even though it puts a small dent in my pocket and the industry as a whole, I do enjoy amateur porn, perhaps a little too much. I think I’ll hedge my bets and rule 50/50 on this one though and not state a preference. Both have their finer points, and why choose between chocolate or vanilla when you can swirl them together?

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