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Venus LuxHello, Lovers!
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about sexual fantasies. I know what you’re thinking; “Uh, Venus isn’t that your job?”. To some degree yes, but although I inspire libidinous scenarios, I rarely get to know what people create. The viewer is strictly behind the wheel when it comes to the actual fantasy. We all are triggered in unique ways by images. Try as we may, we can never fully convey the movie in our own head to others, and, of course,  there are some things we don’t want to tell a soul.
So back to these “fantasies” and my recent fascination. Lately I’ve been especially tuned in to what my fans are saying on social media. I made a post a week ago asking people to tell share their fantasies of me and the reaction was surprising.

I found it highly entertaining to hear all these scenes and their settings from my fans. I think it’s hysterical that all the fantasies couldnt be any farther apart from one other. They run a spectrum of “watching Netflix and kissing” to “being fucked by you” to me as a “gothic vampire” to “me, you and my  girlfriend” My audience has quite a varied imagination and I think I know why.

Part of a fantasy is wanting what you can’t easily obtain or cannot have. I play so many diverse roles and don’t work with one specific gender, so my fan base is anchored within multiple groups and communities, which obviously provides a rainbow of proclivities . I’m very sure if i was just a regular girl who just gets fucked on camera by guys in a hotel there wouldn’t be much to fantasize about. I also believe being TS and attaching with other fetishes/niches like femdom/cosplay/lesbian just fuels the fantasies to be bigger, bolder and broader than they would’ve been had I solely been in mainstream porn. Overall, I’m touched to hear all these fantasies about me, I’m creating energy I wasn’t even aware of. It fuels my imagination to create amazing scenes that will apply to all audiences.

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