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So I have a project coming up that would give me an opportunity to expand my brand and my persona as a performer. It’s been 4 years coming up soon that I’ve been in the Porn industry and think that’s a while. Just like actresses in the mainstream world, they change their looks or revamp themselves whether different roles, different business choices, clothing lines, music, singing/dancing, etc. I’d like to think myself as an actress also, so a make over is dued. So this year I want to test out cosplay and see where that takes me. Cosplay isn’t for everyone but definitely adds a level of mystery and kink to a performer.

So far I’ve been know be consistent transsexual Dom alongside being a versatile performer. Obviously it has been working well for me as my multiple back to back awards give validation. So I think to myself, maybe don’t change my style but enhance it. What do you guys think? I’m clueless to cosplay and even less knowledgable about characters. Who should I dress up to be before I create my own original character? Cat woman, Wonder Woman, lady deathstrike? So many options! I love you fans and your opinions count, so please send your ideas and character images. I would like to dress in cosplay the next adult convention.


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