Detective Lux

Today’s update is called Detective Lux and it’s features some kinky binding and domination.

Detective Lux has her suspect in the interrogation room and he is bound and blindfolded and refuses to speak. She has her ways of extracting information and they may not be legal but she gets results. She shoves her hard cock into his mouth and he receives it well so she continues with some nipple clamps before she penetrates his asshole with her stiff cock. After repeatedly drilling him they both cum together and she leaves him covered in his cum. Watch the full video on my site:


detective_lux-013 detective_lux-044


Watch the full video on my site:

BuzzFeed Video Feature: I’m a sex worker, but I’m not…

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to sex working: we’re dirty, we’re on drugs, we have sex with any and every thing, we’re ashamed of our career choice, the list goes on and on. Sex working gets a bad wrap, and Buzzfeed did an amazing job opening an educational and inspiration discussion of sex workers. I’m honored to be able to express my own opinion from my experiences and representing the transsexual adult industry and transgender community.

In the BuzzFeed video below, titled “I’m A Sex Worker, But I’m Not…”, myself, Siouxsie Q, who runs the most opular podcast show, The Whorecast, and BDSM pornographer Mike Mod set the story straight.

Double Swallow Massage

Today’s Update: Double Swallow Massage

New update is up on the site now. You guys will like this one. I entertain another fan and we had a great time. First I gave him a special back massage with a reach around then I got naked and things really heated up quick. I rubbed my naked body on his back and then I flipped him over and took his cock into my mouth. I could feel it getting bigger and harder in my mouth as I sucked and stroked him to rock hard. I jerked him off until he shot his jizz in my mouth and swallowed his load, then I finished myself off and shot my cum on his cock and stomach and then I sucked it up and swallow my own load as well. Great update, you should check out the full video on the site:

dbl_swallow-020 dbl_swallow-029

Sneak Peek Of Tomorrow’s Update

Venus Commands Release

This week’s update features my dominate side and I want you to submit. I have a busy schedule and I am working and traveling a lot so I don’t really have time for a relationship. I need a fuck boy to treat me like a queen and do exactly  as I say. Of course, there is a reward if you are a good boy and please your mistress. Come check out the full update on my site

venus_commands_release-037 venus_commands_release-052
venus_commands_release-079 – March Madness Promo

It’s been a busy month already and I am pleased to announce I won “Best Solo Site” at the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA) last night. So very cool and I am honored.

It seems like a good time to announce a promo so you can visit my award winning web site.


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