Venus Rising: Play Together, Stay Together

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
It’s that time of year when couples are uncoupling, you know, right in time for the holidays. This year I notice my circle of friends experiencing break ups more so because of a case of “the hum drums” than over a frenzy of drama. My relationships usually come to an end when the bedroom gets lackluster. So, when a fan sent me the correspondence below;
” I have a happily fufilled sex life with my dominatrix wife. She dresses me as a woman and i love it. We watch porn together. When you are a fetish couple one needs to constantly develop and evolve one’s sexuality. Porn is the best avenue and the quickest. With the explosion of the internet in the last 5 years, porn has become mainstream. The marriage without porn is a doomed marriage. “
I started to think is  traditional sex dead in today’s world of fast food style sexual thrills racing across our screens? Is it impossible to be vanilla and truly sustain a monogamous relationship? Is the couple that plays together the only one that stays together?
Well, I know firsthand, couples who fetish play together are definitely a rising trend. I also believe it is a completely healthy way to keep your mind and body stimulated with your partner. It can open your eyes to new, exciting ways to tease and please each other into a stronger relationship. With the content, information and media only a click away on the web it becomes a form of “do it yourself” sex therapy. It allows you to explore all your boundaries behind closed doors and find out what each other likes or does not without going to a sex club or asking a bunch of awkward questions to strangers. It takes the discomfort out of exploration and creates a level of intimacy that continues if the situation becomes open or public.
So I say let your freak flag fly and explore your secret fantasies as a couple before unleashing yourself on the world. You can definitely count me amongst the advocates for fetish play. Whether it be BDSM, cream pies, shoes or latex…..if it feels good you should definitely do it together. Often.

VENUS RISING: Healthy Addiction?

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
I’m not quite sure why, maybe it’s the recent full moon, the tides,or  pheromones, but lately I just can’t get enough. My sex drive has accelerated from being satisfied with cumming once per day to craving it multiple times daily. Whether I’m getting sex or beating off to porn, I can’t quench my lusty thirst.

Now, you know me, of course I’m not going to settle for mediocre sex partners or  average porn. I’m always choosing the best quality selection that will satisfy me most. But when does one say ‘when’? Is there a breaching point or a point of sustainability? Everyone is different and has their own outlook, but is there a definitive line between what is healthy consumption of porn and what isn’t? When it comes to porn addiction, what awakens one’s pleasure center? Is it the hype of the search and settling on the most intensely hot porn in the moment or cumming to various hot scenes, people, fetishes, or , indeed, all of the above?

I’m still testing the waters and learning more about myself and the act of masturbating to porn. Mostly porn becomes a substitute for what I can’t have at that given moment. ‘The hunt’ for the perfectly packaged sex partner can be tough. Trust me, I know from experience. It can be difficult when you are craving a tall, athletic, hairy, hung, versatile man who can travel to you at the time that you are free. Sometimes I wish I could just purchase a cyber-sex mannequin that had a programmable appearance. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!? On the off chance that you do find the right person, you can fuck each other’s brains out all night but is the same experience guaranteed every time or will it get even better? If you can’t get replicate the sensation all the time, do you continue ‘the hunt’ for the same or superior encounter ?

‘Real life’ sex grows complicated with emotional attachment, conflict, relationship  issues, and many other variables, unlike porn, which is a detachable event. I feel that is why people become addicted to it, why I have admittedly grown addicted to it. It appears porn is filling the intimacy gap until we find that missing piece to our romantic, sexual puzzle. It’s our trusty geyser to insure our thirst is satiated when random just won’t do. I would love to hear my readers thoughts, on this topic that even I, an industry performer, struggle at times to understand the root of.




Venus Rising: Porn Star Bucket List

Venus LuxHello, Lovers!

As we all know, life is short.Each life, no matter how simple or complex, comes with it’s own whirlwind of drama, problems and stress. We all get swept along in the never-ending  swirl of activity and mayhem and often miss out on what we most want to do. Which got me to thinking about my bucket list, my porn bucket list that is. So here it is:  my top 5 bucket list of things to do in porn!


1. Fisting
Visually fisting looks so unbearable but somehow it makes me think it will be an entirely different experience compared to standard intercourse. In regards to receiving or giving, I would try both but with a male first. A man with a hairy bubble butt sounds hot!!2. Double Penetration
Funny this may go hand in hand with fisting as there must be some preparation before u shove two cocks up my ass! Double penetration is definitely a fantasy of mine as it is a step beyond standard intercourse. Of course, depending upon your body type, you will need two men with appropriate length cocks. Double stuffing can be fun!

3. Gangbang Creampie
Two of the most favored words in the porn industry and two of the best genres. Gangbang is already amazing by itself but when you incorporate it with everyone giving a creampie to one person is just spectacular! Now , to be honest, I have already somewhat accomplished this in a multiple TS on girl scenario but have not yet done multiple men or multiple TS’s on one guy, which I believe would make for a hot experience. I almost always play the dominant role and seldom do I get the chance to play a submissive, especially a submissive that will be dominated by multiple men. I tend to think I would prefer receiving over giving. Call me selfish but taking turns on a hole doesn’t entice me as much, although I definitely would love to watch!

4. Public sex
Speaking straight from my inner exhibitionist, public sex seems to be one of my top challenges. To be comfortable enough to be seen by anyone and everyone or have anyone and everyone join in would require a lot of courage. One must be able to remove all discrimination, insecurities, and personal preferences. Whether you are at a convenience store, library, school, or just in the middle of the street you never know what type of people you may encounter. I believe this would be the “mother roller coaster of all time” of sex acts. The adrenaline rush you can get from this would be enough to satisfy all extreme sports combined.

5. Sense depravation
Sometimes sex can get predictable. When sight, movement, and/or hearing is depraved that’s when things can get exciting. It awakens your senses and intensifies every touch. Not knowing what your partner may do or differentiate what you are feeling can be an adrenaline rush that I would love to partake in.

Venus Rising: Strong Sisters

Venus LuxHello Lovers!

I feel like I’ve been talking about all the exciting changes and opportunities for Transsexuals and not spending much time introducing you to the trendsetters and icons that are making the tide turn. We all have heroes and these fabulous transgender females who are making heads turn and laws change with each passing day are mine.



Calpernia Sarah Addams

Calpernia made headlines when she came out as a transgendered person. Now, this would not have been controversial had she not been a Marine. In 1999, she began dating an Army PFC, Barry Winchell, who was constantly harassed for their relationship by fellow officers. The bullying and ridicule escalated and eventually resulted in Barry’s murder. It was his murder that led to the solidification of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that was in effect until it was overturned by President Obama. Hundreds if not thousands of LGBT soldier’s currently enlisted  owe thanks to this courageous woman. Calpernia now runs a production company that shines a spotlight on LGBT issues, particularly those of the Transgender community. She used her tragic situation to raise awareness and turn an awful negative for her into a positive ending for all gives, that her props in my book.

Lana Wachowski

Lana is responsible for advancing film, media and the overall perception of culture in America, if not the world. Just look at the millions of people obsessed with ‘The Matrix’. Lana and her brother Andy are also responsible for ‘V for Vendetta’ and the epic ‘Cloud Atlas’. And to think…a transgender woman helped create some of the most beloved films in the mainstream motion picture industry. Lana is a hero to me because she never compromised her vision and broke through without letting herself be pigeon holed by the media or her industry. She is a great example that transgender people can be successful and aren’t handicapped by discrimination.

Isis King

Isis was the first transgender female on “America’s Next Top Model”. She broke the mold and hasn’t looked back since, becoming American Apparel’s first openly transgender model. Isis disproves the transsexual stereotypes by simply walking the runway and she is every bit as stunning a female presence as her biological female counterparts. I love her style, grace and  fearless nature. She is a trendsetter breaking down all the boundaries of transgender image and our world will never look the same.

Laverne Cox

Ahhh, what can I say, Laverne entertains me….and apparently the rest of the universe because this fiercely talented actress has made history as the only transgender woman to be nominated for an Emmy. Laverne has been making history for quite some time though. I first spied her on Vh1’s ‘I Wanna Work For Diddy’, which made her the first African-American transgender woman to appear on a reality TV series. I admire her for making waves and giving transgenders a presence on television. These are footsteps I definitely want to follow in.

Janet Mock

Janet is an amazingly intelligent, thought provoking writer who has shared her experiences as a transgender woman on the page, bringing hope and inspiration to the entire spectrum of the trans community. Janet is one of my special heroes because in addition to having a huge, positive transgender presence in mainstream media, she creates transgender-specific programs and education for the LGBTQ youth at Harvey Milk High School. HMHS is a high school expressly for LGBT teens in my second hometown, New York City. The most important thing we can do is empower our transgender youth with the tools and knowledge to succeed in this world.