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Venus LuxBe sure to listen in to the Just Guy Talk Podcast as they host award winning adult actress Venus Lux as their special guest August 26th! Venus will be on air discussing her current projects, award nominations, sexual obsessions, and her life in the spotlight as a “gender revolutionist” and TS superstar. What is a normal day like forVenus? How did she become the superstar she is and how does she handle her ever-growing sexual fame? These are just some of the questions that can be asked on the upcoming show.

The Just Guy Talk Podcast starts at 8pm PST / 11pm EST. Be sure to call in during the show so you can speak toVenus at 347-215-7829.

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Venus Rising: Knowledge Is Power

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
As I think about all the civil rights movements in the United States over the course of its history, they all have one simple common denominator: ignorance. Misinformation or no information at all leads to all sorts of misconceptions that can end in violent or tragic circumstances, whether it be a hate crime or self inflicted harm. The transgender community is blazing trails daily in its struggle for equality but I can’t help but think that if there was more information available  how much smoother the road would be. One of the best ways to spread information properly is to start at ground zero in our school systems. That is why I strongly support gender and sexuality education for grades 9-12.

Teenagers come into high school from ages 12-14, which for most is during the beginning stages of puberty. Many of their households don’t partake in a traditional conversation about sex and the details of it, never mind Homosexuality and Transgenderism.  We don’t have any gender sex education regulated  and approved by the unified school system so kids lack vital information and resources regarding gender identity and sexuality. Hormones, confusion, and a lack of guidance, whether at home or school,  allows many adolescents to fall through the cracks into depression and despair. The facts are glaring and they speak for themselves.

  • More than one in every 10 high school students reports having attempted suicide. Nearly 1 in 6 students between the ages of 12-17 have seriously considered it.
  • More than 30% of LGBTQ youth report at least one suicide attempt within the last year.
  • More than 50% of Transgender youth will have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday.

From my personal experience, I can say that I easily could have been one of these statistics. I too was lost and confused not knowing where I fit in in this society on top of the many general life questions that filled my mind. I had a traditional Chinese upbringing, so there was no sex talk and no deviation from conforming to the gender binary. I only discovered transgenderism at age 18 and wish I had understood the concept sooner. Fortunately, I overcame my obstacles with the resources that were available in San Francisco at the time, albeit limited.

This is not solely a GLBT issue. Sexual issues affect everyone across the board, regardless of preference. What we should be asking ourselves is are we going to be proactive at this point in history or stare blindly at the tsunami of adolescent sexual issues that leaves a wake of bodies in its path? When will gender education be executed in our school systems? How much more will we tolerate? And if we do finally take action, how can we provide transgender youth a better future that is not only limited to objectification in order to work and survive? I’m open to suggestions. Let’s start the dialogue.


*statistics courtesy of

Venus Rising: Transgendered….With Children

Venus LuxHello Lovers!
We have recently talked about coming out to your family about being transgender and today I want to touch base on being transgendered… with children. Now, I personally don’t have children, but I do have a little brother who I treat as my own son. I raised him from infancy, watched him grow as a toddler, and now I am guiding him through the perils of “teen-hood” at age 13. I am proud to say he is a bright, vibrant, and accepting young man. Obviously, he knew me both before and after my transition. At first he was a bit confused as to whether he should still address me as his brother or as his new sister. Fortunately for me, when I transitioned 5 years ago he was only 8 years old and possessed a mind too young to judge and criticize as my relatives and mother did.

The beginning of my transition was very awkward for me. In the back of my mind I pondered how my brother would perceive me and if his behavior towards me would change. I wondered if our relationship would diminish and if he would lose all trust in me. I asked myself if it was my job to educate him or let questions arise naturally. I noticed it was a rough adjustment for my brother ,too. Although he did not directly voice it, I could sense it in the moments of strained silence, hesitation in speech, and stagnant, stilted conversations.

I continued to behave the way I normally would to show that I was still the same person. My appearance changed but my intentions of goodwill towards him remained the same. When dealing with children, the adult must have patience with them and allow the child to absorb and gradually rebuild their comfort zone. Regardless of others, this was my decision to transition and this was what I wanted. I could only imagine how much more difficult this would have been if my brother was actually my child and I would have to explain my transition as a parent.

I continued spending time with my brother in a family setting, sharing his activities and events. Slowly he opened up, sharing his thoughts and feelings. He soon understood that this was not a choice made from burden nor did it require his remorse. I only wanted him to come to a point of acceptance and to know that I will always be there for him. We shared our experiences of family drama, lifestyles, hobbies, goals, and eventually bonded over a time frame of 2 years. It wasn’t easy as we were living on different coasts, but maintaining consistent communication and putting in the time and effort made all the difference in the world for both of us.

Children are very open minded and pure of heart. It’s all about the additional nurturing of their mind so they can make the right decisions and giving them the life tools to express themselves. Maintaining a level of respect, showcasing affection, and positive thoughts and conversations can lead to a better relationship after transitioning between you and your child or sibling than you ever had previously. I hope my experiences can shine a light in the dark for the transgender parents and children out there trying to come to a mutual point of understanding and for those who will or want to be parents to have a renewed relationship with their families before they take the leap into parenthood. Love each other unconditionally, that’s the one true thing that makes all the difference.


TS Superstar VENUS LUX Looked Stunning at the 2014 Vice Is Nice Charity Event! Want to see?


TS Superstar Venus Lux is well loved for her sexy looks and fearless domination of her scenes, but she has also made quite a name for herself with her candid outspokenness. Celebrated as a “gender revolutionist” and an award-winning transsexual actress, Venus joined several other adult industry celebrities at the 2014 Vice is Nice charity event hosted by Kelly Holland and The Animal Rescue Alliance, benefiting animal rescues and adoption agencies. Take a look at some of the sexy Venus pics from the July 26th, 2014 event:


venus-lux-vice-is-nice2 venus-lux-vice-is-nice3

Award Winning Phenom VENUS LUX Returns to Twitter and Wants To Tweet Dirty To You

Venus Lux in negligeeTS superstar Venus Lux has returned to Twitter and cannot wait to catch up with all her adoring fans. For exclusive updates and daily tweets into the life and sexy habits of Venus Lux, make sure you are following her on Twitter: @VenusLux.

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