Venus Rising: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
I received quite a few emails from my readers after my last column on newly instated TS medical coverage rights in some State Medicare programs and my subsequent  joy over our inclusion and recognition. I heard a lot of congratulations from you all and a lot of happy and hopeful feedback from my transsexual audience. I also got some interesting questions. One of which comes from my longtime fan, Monty.

Monty writes:

Dear Venus,

I just read your latest piece about transgendered people receiving more benefits and it made me think of a situation that a friend of mine has. She is in her early forties and has been living full time as a woman since she transitioned at age 20. Recently her health insurance included SRS on its coverage and she is jumping at the chance. 

In the time that I have known her over the last ten or so years I have known her to have an active and passionate sex life. She has definitely enjoyed the use and function of her penis. I have tried to point out that what is between her legs does not make her any less of a woman, if it is how she feels inside.

I fully understand that it is her body and her choice, I’m just trying to caution that just because she can, does that mean she should?

Good question, Monty!

Bottom line, because you happen to have the funds or the accessibility to have SRS should you have the procedure? Not all decisions or personal answers are cut and dry in this world. When it comes to SRS you must think about how it would affect you on many levels such as risks and benefits, personal feelings, love life, and sex life.  I’ve taken the liberty to make a laundry list of things to consider for those on the fence of the most important decision of their life.

As an MTF transsexual, the things I would ponder are:

  1. Risks and Benefits
  • Recovery from the procedure will take months
  • This surgery make have complications with the amount of blood loss  and the recovery will be painful. You will require consistent cleaning and  attention to prevent infection.
  • Once recovered you don’t have to worry about tucking.
  • No more testosterone.
  • You may lose sensitivity.
  1. personal feelings
  • No more insecurity about being a transgender
  • No need to justify your gender
  • A feeling of completeness as a woman
  • You still cannot procreate
  1. love life
  • No need to explain your gender.
  • You can now date any man you come across.
  1. sex life
  • Hygiene control
  • Vagina may be too shallow
  • Sex will be different and you will need to adjust

I can make lists all day but everyone has their own set of unique concerns and, in the end,  you are the only one who has to make the decision and weigh if you are doing this for yourself as a goal, doing this for the sake of dating and finding love, or doing it for other reasons. I’m not here to say any motivation to have the procedure or not is wrong, right or indifferent but keep in mind that there is no turning back. This is a personal decision. Do what’s best for you, define yourself and color outside the lines. Always.


Award Winning Superstar VENUS LUX Teaches Fanny Hunter In Their First TS Interview

Venus Lux | Fanny HunterFanny Hunter is no stranger to sexy interviews from the indsutry’s hottest acts, but when they interviewed seductive TS superstar Venus Lux, they were blown away. In the exclusive interview as part of the Naked Naked interview series, Venus opened up to share some personal secrets, preferences, and dreams.

“The last furry thing I touched was my friend’s hairy chest. Body hair, including thick curly chest hair, is one of my biggest fetishes,” Venus said one moment before explaining why she’s afraid of the dark the next.”Being raised by a fortunetelling mother, I was told stories of spirits and demons that hide in the dark, which linger with me to this day.”

Learn all the intimiate, and naughty, details behind the award winning actress – from her favorite positions, to personal sex stories, and all her exotic dreams. Get ready to meet Venus Lux as you’ve enver seen her before.

Read Venus‘ full interview on Fanny Hunter by clicking here:

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TS Hottie VENUS LUX on Aiden Starr’s Diary of a Dominatrix on Vivid Radio July 25th at 5pm PST

Venus LuxListen to award winning TS hottie Venus Lux live on Aiden Starr’s “Diary of a Dominatrix”  show on Vivid Radio Friday, July 25th at 5pm PST. Ready to discuss her career, dreams, and favorite positions, Venus will be on hand to talk about anything host Aiden Starr, and listeners, can dream up.

Fans can call in to speak with Venus or ask questions at 1-855-99-VIVID or 1-855-998-4843.

You can listen to Venus live on, or SiriusXM Internet Radio and SiriusXM’s mobile app on SiriusXM Limited Engagements 6 (Channel 791) in the Entertainment category. Be sure to visit for a free SiriusXM Internet Radio Trial.

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Sexy TS Superstar VENUS LUX Named a Gender Revolutionist In Exclusive Interview With Fleshbot

Award winning adult actress Venus Lux tells all about life as a transsexual and what it is like to become a TS superstar.
Award winning adult actress Venus Lux tells all about life as a transsexual and what it is like to become a TS superstar.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) Sexy “Gender Revolutionist” Venus Lux spoke with Fleshbot for an exclusive interview into what it’s like to be a leading TS lady and how she feels about buying shoes, maintaining her nails, penis envy, and what it means to provide a voice for the transsexual movement. is a sex-orientated weblog focused on bringing the best and sexiest heterosexual and homosexual content to their readers.

“Being in the public eye and bombarded with ignorance, my life as a transgender woman has empowered me as an individual to make an impact on society, either with my voice or my actions, regardless of any backlash,”Venus said. “Had it not been for porn, I would still be dwelling on my insecurities and hoping for change.”

To read the full interview with Venus in Fleshbot, please visit:

Want to hear more from Venus Lux? Catch Venus‘ guest appearance on Vivid Radio’s Aiden Starr show on Friday, July 25th from 5pm to 6pm PST broadcasting on SiriusXM Internet Radio, SiriusXM mobile app and Venus will be joining the busty, blonde dominatrix to talk all things naughty and sexually charged — you won’t believe your ears.

Award winning Venus Lux reveals how she is ready to help lead a gender revolution, sexy stilettos and nails intact with

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VENUS LUX Explains How To Have The TS Talk In Her Venus Rising Column

Venus LuxIn her Venus Rising column on AIP Daily, sexy, award winning actress Venus Lux walks readers through the process of having “the talk” with your family about undergoing a gender transition and provides some in-depth steps that should be taken while considering the transformation.

“You won’t truly understand your feelings and the sense of empowerment of being transgendered unless you live a day in those shoes. Whether you’re transitioning to male or transitioning to female, it is important to experience this,” Venus instructs. “Trust me, you won’t fully grasp it until you try it.”

To read the full article, click here:

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Venus Rising: Equal Coverage

Venus LuxHello, Lovers!

Well, it’s official:  the struggle to gain equal rights for transgenders is on the fast track! When the government starts giving you healthcare provisions as a group, you know you have arrived, so I was very pleased to learn that Medicare has now accepted gender reassignment surgery as part of their coverage in Massachusetts and Washington along with the expansion of coverage in other liberal states. This is a milestone for the transgender populace as we are now one step closer to social change. Nevertheless, we still face a very prevalent battle of discrimination, ignorance, and bigotry. What will this legal decision mean for transgender individuals? How will this social change affect those who are not transgendered?

Obviously and primarily, this could be very beneficial for those who have been waiting and saving for years for their own Sex Re-assignment Surgery. Obtaining the feeling of physical completeness as a woman is the reason why  transgendered women are seeking quicker and  more affordable ways to have their surgeries abroad. Some will get their surgery in Mexico, for it’s convenient geography. Some will get their surgery in Thailand, because it is most commonly practiced. But the reason for this “surgical tourism” is always funds and availability. Finance is the only reason I am a bit wary, albeit hopefully so. I am concerned that those who work in the corporate world who may receive preferential treatment will jump to the front of the line and I wonder where the benchmark of fairness will be. Societal hierarchy and cash trump need every day for those waiting for organ transplants, so I would not be naïve enough to think that the same would not play a part here as SRS is the most coveted surgery of all for transgender women.

With the government  now acknowledging the legitimate medical needs of transgender individuals by providing SRS one can only imagine the new possibilities transgenders may have at the ready. Maybe health care reform targeting us will lead to transgender and gender identity education in our school systems and a better understanding and respect for our community on the whole. One can only hope, I certainly do.



Venus Rising: “The Talk”

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
I promised in my last column, ‘Parental Guidance’, to offer my words of wisdom on how to come out about transitioning to family members and loved ones. I took a little extra time to reflect on this follow up column in order to offer up my best advice.

First off, I cannot tell a lie, coming out about being transgender is never going to be an easy situation. An important life event such as this requires thought and planning.  It will not only affect you but will indeed affect those who have known you before transition, regardless of a positive or negative reception. Before you have “The Talk”, take time  to process your emotions, collect your thoughts, and set your goals. You want to be prepared for your new life and all the obstacles that you will face whether it be discrimination, surgeries, or hormone therapy. Having this foundation will help not only you but others understand that you are no different from anyone else in this world. Transgender people fight a never ending battle with ignorance and discrimination daily. But I say no pain no gain. If transitioning is what you truly desire, be motivated, be confident, be vigilant, and be proud that you are going to live your life in pursuit of your happiness. So, without further ado, are my 5 steps to coming out to your family of which I’m extremely intimate with.

1. Reflection

Is this what you truly want? Think about how important transition is to you. It is normal to have insecurities when you start transitioning. In moments of hardship do not let negativity run your life. You have the power to decide what affects you or does not. Let that be your mantra for inspiration and motivation for your new life.

2: Have a plan

Contemplate how this affects your lifestyle and overall goals. What will or needs  to change or be tweaked ? Basic things like Passports or your Driver’s License for example. Maybe you need to learn how to apply makeup by watching YouTube videos and other online content. Also, think about how this will affect your job, family, and friends. Have a plan for your new life. If your friends aren’t accepting of you, it’s sad to say but totally true: it’s time to find new friends. So keep in mind this change will permeate everything you do and are. Be prepared.

3. Live a day

You won’t truly understand your feelings and the sense of empowerment of being transgendered unless you live a day in those shoes. Whether you’re transitioning to male or transitioning to female, it is important to experience this. Try on some make up and pick out an outfit that reflects who you are and go out for a day. It doesn’t have to be extreme. You can wear a casual outfit and go to the store or take a stroll in a park. If nightlife is more your thing, pick out something hot to wear and go to a party or hang with friends. Trust me, you won’t fully grasp it until you try it.

4. Hormones

Hormone therapy is a process most, if not all, transgender people endure to have your body reflect who you are. This brings about amazing, rapid, apparent changes. It may be breast tissue or facial hair, a voice change or skin texture. Understand that once you are on hormones for a few months it will be difficult to revert back to your original physical state. This is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as a transgendered person.

5. “The Talk”

Your family will never fully comprehend the decisions you make or how you live your life, but because you have completed steps 1-4, you are now prepared for any questions they may ask. You are coming in to the conversation with first-hand knowledge of being transgendered along with a plan and an understanding of the steps it entails to transition. This approach shows you are just as capable as anyone else and able to be respected for your choice. Being the strong one in this situation helps as this is a very sensitive situation. By being able to guide and educate your family you can empower them and give them the tools to better cope with this drastic change.

In the end, regardless of your family’s action or the reactions of those around you, you know who you are, what you want, and the life that makes you happy! Be proud of that and welcome to the community!



Transformation Magazine Asks What’s Not To Love About VENUS LUX?

Award winning TS actress with "Brains, Beauty & Bravado" dishes secrets in a revealing article
Award winning TS actress with “Brains, Beauty & Bravado” dishes secrets in a revealing article

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Sexy transsexual superstar Venus Lux was featured in an in-depth article in Transformation Magazine Issue #90. One of the adult industry’s featured sources of all things transsexual, Transformation Magazine boasts itself as the source for the future of gender and has featured Venus before.

“I’m very honored to have another spread in Transformation Magazine,” Venus said. “To be able to showcase myself and to further share my story, experiences, and insight into my life.”

In the article, Venus explains that it isn’t just about winning awards for her work but that it’s about breaking new ground in a genre that is begging for attention and ready for a bigger spotlight. Dishing secrets about what motivates her, Venus shares insight on what it’s like to be a TS actress known for her focus on femdom and BDSM.

To read the full feature on Venus, be sure to pick up a copy of Transformation Magazine, on newstands now, or by visiting:

Fans wanting more intimate time with Venus can catch her live webcam on www.VenusLux.CamModels.comevery Friday from 2pm to 5pm. With the promise to share her “passion for kink” Venus guarantees fan interactions and hardcore action where all members can watch for free!

Superstar Venus Lux is featured in Transformation Magazine as a sexy TS with Brains, Beauty & Bravado.

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TS Star VENUS LUX Talks Gender Transitioning on Venus Rising AIP Daily Column

Venus Lux in purple corsetIn her latest article posted to the Venus Rising column on AIP Daily, award winning TS superstar Venus Luxdelves into the process of gender transition for young adults, and calls for parental guidance and support for the difficult process. Using R. Kelly and his new son, Jay, as a prime example, Venus discusses why parental acceptance is needed and how parents can best go about supporting their child through a gender transition.

“My heart goes out to Jay for having the courage to be open about his transition regardless of what barriers he faces from his father, community, or the general public. I commend him for his bravery and hope he continues moving forward to accomplish his life’s goal and achieve fulfillment,” Venus explained. “Especially under these circumstances, I would imagine you would need to have a thick skin and a lot of positive support. I don’t think I would be able to bear the process of transitioning under all the prejudice and media breathing down my neck.”

To read the full article, click here:

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