Venus Rising: Your Path to Porn

Venus LuxHello, Lovers!
On a near daily basis I am asked by fans, models and sometimes strangers who I’ve just met for the first time: Venus, how doget into porn? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be a model in the adult world? To have the luxury to be with beautiful models and get paid to have sex with them? As always, lovers, I am here with your answers. Here are my simple 3 tips to preparing for porn.

1. The Product

As you all know, a quality porno is shot on a brightly lit set with attractive models. This is a world of cameras and aesthetics. There literally is nowhere to hide your imperfections so you need to ask yourself the following questions before you even begin. Are you a good product? What steps are you willing to take to become a good product?  Can you act? Are you verbal during sex? Can you sustain your sex drive for hours? Some questions to ponder. It isn’t as simple as it appears and everyone is focused on how you look from every angle.

2. Research

People always think porn is just sex on camera, which at its core is true, but there is so much that goes into the process of creating a good porn that goes left unnoticed by the viewer.

Some things like:

  • Camera angles, which can be very uncomfortable position-wise, so the camera can be in the heart of the action
  • The right verbiage to use during the scene that locks in the central theme. Reaction is extremely important, it can make or break a moment.
  • How to prepare yourself for shooting. Physical and mental preparation is paramount to performance.
  • Being conscious of lights and shadows during climactic moments and being creatively adaptable to changes on set, the scenario, and/or your partner…sometimes all at once.

3. Capabilities

Be honest with yourself. If you plan to just try out porn and do it as a hobby whenever you get the opportunity than you can skip these steps and shoot the most amateur of porn but if you want to be a true porn star you have to bring it. So be critical of your abilities. Do people really want to watch you have sex? Can you perform under pressure? Can you handle your most private life being made public? First and foremost you must be capable of performance but you must also be able to handle the notoriety and changes it brings to your off-screen life.

These are some the main things you should be contemplating on your path to porn. It’s what separates people who just have sex on camera from people who have sex on film and make it an amazing sensory experience. These are the main distinctions that make porn stars porn stars and why they get paid to do what they do.

Now, if you still want to aim on building a career then listen up, here’s my bonus tip.

After assessing yourself as a good product and meeting all the criteria above, you now need to figure out how you can “sell it” and “sell it” well. Part of “selling it” is understanding what makes a good porno and what you can bring to the table that makes you stand out. Yes, having 9 inches is awesome but if you can’t use it well or can’t keep it hard, what’s the point? If you are a girl, sure you may be drop dead gorgeous, but if you have no personality then you’re pretty much useless. Honey, no one wants to have sex with a mannequin. Build up good improv skills, sexual versatility and prowess, ability to perform while adapting to your set, AND throw in some sexual skills and you’re ready to hit the screen! Now you just need your golden opportunity to shine and you’re a porn star in the making!

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Adult Superstar VENUS LUX Shines On The Cover Of America’s Next Top Tranny Season 19 – All Stars 03!

Venus also opens up with sex and relationship advice in her column for AIP Daily; Venus Rising!
Venus also opens up with sex and relationship advice in her column for AIP Daily; Venus Rising!

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Sensational XXX superstar Venus Lux showcases her sexy skills in America’s Next Top Tranny Season 19 – All Stars 03. Newly released from Devil’s Films comes the latest installment of the acclaimed series.Venus is featured on the video’s box cover wearing a see-through slip which shows of her delicious body. Her scene is a lust filled ride that culminates with an orgasmic finish that is sure to leave viewers breathless.

“This was an extremely hot scene,” said Venus. “I had a lot of fun filming this video, and it shows. People who enjoy hot, hardcore sex are going to love the passion in that scene. I really look forward to hearing what the fans think of it.”

America’s Next Top Tranny Season 19 – All Stars 03 is available now from adult retailers. The box cover, trailer and additional information about the DVD can be found on the Devil’s Film website here:


To download the NSFW boxcover click here:
When she is not starring in adult films, the always busy beauty finds time to pen a sex and relationship column,Venus Rising, for The column provides an opportunity for Venus to answer questions fans have for the award winning star. “I love writing,” said Venus. “It gives me a chance to express myself in a way people may not be used to. Fans will watch and enjoy my scenes on a physically engaging level. Then read my Venus Rising column and find out more about me on another level. I’m very open about my sex life. Hopefully, people who read the column will find it speaking to them.” Venus Lux’s Venus Rising column can be found exclusively on AIP Daily here:

Sexy superstar Venus Lux shines on the box cover of the new release from Devil’s Films, America’s Next Top Tranny Season 19 – All Stars 03!

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Venus Rising: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Venus LuxHello, Lovers!
Over the last few columns, I have written about the nuances of dating and desirable preferences, but what about the make or break facets of relationships? As the wise saying goes: “do not ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to”.  Of course, this is completely contradictory to the fact that we are humans and curious by nature. Add a relationship to that equation and curiousity can, and most often does, kill the cat. Honesty in all relationships is important, romantic or otherwise, but how important is disclosure? If you just omit something or fail to mention it is it a lie?

Here’s an example. A close friend of mine and I have been intimate but had never set boundaries. I found a used condom at what I thought was his sacred home that I knew seldom saw foot traffic. My instant reaction was to confront my friend about my discovery. Very soon a combustion of emotions whirled within me: sadness, anger, anguish, disappointment, and confusion. A multitude of questions raced through my mind. What should I do? Should I terminate our situation? Should I ask who he was sleeping with? Should I outright scold him?
But…I held back!

I maintained my daily routine and work. I gave myself the time I needed to be able to speak, act and think logically when the time came for me to approach the matter in person. One of my core beliefs is to maintain calmness in order to better resolve situations and seek clarity. We are just friends after all, high expectations should not be in place. I know if I desired more or wanted less I should state it clearly. I also knew I had to be honest and tell him what I had found in order to give him the opportunity to be truthful with me. Coming into the face to face meeting, I knew having expectations of the outcome would be pointless and I was at peace no matter what the response I would receive would be. I was told that the condom was used for masturbation. Now, I can choose to accept or reject the answer.  The power is in my hand. From this experience, I know now that with trust and clear communication without disruptive knee jerk emotions, any problem can come to a resolve. Keeping my head, expressing  my concerns rationally and truly listening to his response lent itself greatly to our being able to come to a mutual understanding.  To this day, we are still friends and everything we had is in place as if nothing has changed.

So to me, in the end, it’s all about communication. If we want to hear the truth, we have to listen and be open to receive what that truth is .We also have yo avoid jumping to conclusions and ask questions before lashing out at our partners. I, for one, have decided to put myself out there and trust and not overreact to every red flag. Remember, none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes but if you work through it together, you can avoid falling apart



VENUS LUX Writes About Sexual Preference in Girls vs. Boys on AIPDaily

Venus Lux |AIP DailyDid you know that sex goddess Venus Lux has a column? The award winning adult actress has writes an advice column for AIPDaily. There, she writes about sex, romance and answers questions from all aspects of the Transsexual world and more.

Her latest column titled Girls Vs. Boys has been posted and in it she talks about sexual attraction, her sexual attraction. You can read Venus’ column here:

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Glam XXX Super Star VENUS LUX Set To Sexify Chocolate Radio – Monday May 19th

Venus Lux in purple corsetAward winning hardcore hottie Venus Lux is going to get naughty on Chocolate Radio this Monday. May 19th at 9:30pm log onto for an exciting hour as the sensual seductress joins show host Sapphire for an in-depth and ultra-revealing interview. It’s everything you wanted to know about the delectable Venus Lux!

May 19th, 2014
Venus Lux on Chocolate Radio
9:30pm PST
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Venus Rising: Girls vs. Boys

Venus LuxHello, Lovers!
My recent columns on my quest for a mate have prompted many comments, offers and suggestions. As you all know by now, I date and have sex with men but a few of you probably know that I have sex with women as well. My fan base is always growing but since I’ve starting shooting with women my female fan base has increased dramatically. Their desires and interests range from female on transsexual pornography to just simple transsexual attraction. Flattered as I am, I have sex with women but nothing beyond that. I just don’t date them. Some people say dating a female would be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • a woman would suit your lifestyle better
  • a woman would allow you to have children of your own
  • a woman would be more nurturing and caring than a man
  • a woman would be more sensitive and understanding than a man

Now, although these are all very good reasons, something about femininity just hasn’t interested me yet. There’s also my confusion as to where I stand in a female & transsexual relationship, dating and sexually. Something in my brain makes me think that being with a female would make me less of a woman and that it’s expected of me to be in the power position at all times. Oddly enough, I have no problems with the idea of dating a transgender man. Obviously, I have no problems performing sexually with a woman so maybe it’s a masculinity issue.

In the end, it all comes down to that attraction, that spark, that unquantifiable thing that makes your head turn and so far a woman has yet to do that for me. So I journey on in my quest for Mr. Right, not ruling anything out, never saying never, open to love and breaking the boundaries.


Venus Rising: Is Chivalry Dead?

Venus LuxHello Lovers,
The times they are a-changin’ and our social compact is evolving rapidly. Women are achieving higher status in the workplace and the world and men are treating women more like the competition then someone they want to have a love match with. Manners, politeness and gallantry are falling by the wayside. So I, like all other women, am asking myself, when it comes to men or women dating, is chivalry dead?

I know it’s not 1920, but I’ve got to say, it’s nice when a man or women opens the door, pulls up a chair, or lends you a jacket when you are cold. Sure, paying for dinner or picking you up at your doorstep can be chivalrous but sometimes the little things count more, especially in this modern era where most women are independent and can buy their own dinner or drive themselves.

I’m not saying that all men or women aren’t chivalrous, but etiquette and good form  are  becoming  increasingly rare traits in this younger generation. Personally, I feel a chivalrous person sets that tone with courtesy and respect for a date or encounter. Something about chivalry makes a person so appealing, so sexy. You know immediately that their mom taught them well and this person is kind hearted and caring. My experience when dating men is that about a quarter of them are chivalrous. I haven’t dated women yet, but I have been lent a jacket or two.

Now, because I know what I know, I have zero expectations. If it happens, it happens.  Due to their behavioral changes, my behaviors and habits have now changed. When I do meet a man for a date or a meeting, I prefer to pay my way and open my own doors. Not that I mind, I just hate to have expectations and set myself up for disappointment. I believe doing this also displays power, independence, and respect, partially because most men believe they must pay for dinner. Why do men think that? Because I’m a woman? It’s a manly thing to do? What if I take that power away from them, does that make them less of a man?

Based on my observations, unless the man fights me on the bill or is persistent, the man seems to be intimidated or they just lose interest. Sometimes this display of female independence reverses the power roles of sex. The display of submission produces better outcomes when I compare my current experiences with my past ones, so that said, should I revert back to my old ways? Am I just jaded?  Send your thoughts and suggestions to me at